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Increase Mozilla Firefox Browser Speed

Easiest and Fastest method to Increase Mozilla Firefox Browser Speed

increase speed of mozilla firefox


This is the easiest and fastest tutorial on how to increase speed of mozilla firefox browser or how to increase firefox speed. To increase the speed of firefox you can do two things, they are as follows-


1. Set your home page as blank.

You can do the following like this-
  • Go to Firefox Button-Options-Options again to increase the speed of your browser.
  • In Home Page text box remove everything written and then click OK to relatively increase the browsing speed of your browser that is firefox.
speed increased of mozilla firefox

The Best way to increase the speed of Mozilla Firefox

This is the best and only working method to increase the browsing speed of Mozilla Firefox. The method is based on changing the settings, most people seeing this post would already know this. But my settings are way better than the other people post.

Check it out.

1. Go to Address bar of Firefox, type about:config and hit enter
2. Now in Firefox window you will see a message with title, “This might void your warranty!”, Just click on “I’ll be careful, I promise!” or any other relevant button
3. Now you will see many setting in your Firefox windows
4. Look for the Below settings and change their value as told
by double clicking on settings :

a network.http.max-connections-p
er-server change value to 30
b. network.http.max-persistent-co
nnections-per-proxy change its value to 15
c. network.http.max-connections change value to 62
d. network.http.max-persistent-co
nnections-per-server change value to 12
e. network.http.pipelining double click on it and set to true
f. network.http.pipelining.maxreq
uests change value to 202
g. network.http.request.max-start
-delay set value to 0
h. network.http.proxy.pipelining set to true
i. network.http.proxy.version set 1.0

Tip: To Find above settings, you can also use ‘Filter’ option

That’s it!! After changing value as told, restart Firefox and Feel the changes…


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